New season, new work

It's been a long few years away from the easel. I've worked in bits and spurts where I could, but I'm happy to announce that I'm back to painting more consistently this fall.  My little ones are just a bit bigger, which is naturally bittersweet.  But, like the beautiful changing seasons that I love to paint, so do the seasons of our lives flow one into the next.  


I've been saving up many ideas for new paintings and have been working in the studio a lot to complement my plein-air painting.  Using direct observation outdoors, pencil sketches, and small color studies, I can create a larger painting in the studio.  I'm excited to share this recent painting with you. It's my first large studio piece: a whopping 30"x40" !

It's P-town at night - as the sun set and the sky was aflame.  I've been recently interested in creating landscapes that incorporate more spacious, almost minimalist elements, like big skies and great expanses of water.  I've also been experimenting with glazing techniques to harness oil paint's wonderful transparency, and create the illusion of an internal glow to the painting.


Back to the brushes, with best regards,


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